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Brazilian butt lift Manhattan, NYC

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC procedure - Butt augmentation New York City While it has an exotic name, Brazilian butt lift is gaining popularity with people in Manhattan, NYC. The surgery makes it possible to have a firm, youthful, and perky rear end. It is also suitable for women and men who have sagging and flat buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift- what is it?

It enhances the shape and size of the patient’s butt so that they better fit her or his figure. The process uses your own fat so that butt is augmented in a natural way. The technique involves the extraction of fat through Liposuction. Common areas of Liposuction include the back, thighs, and stomach. After this, the suctioned fat is carefully processed and purified by decanting and centrifugation. The best fat cells are re-injected into the buttocks. The fat is transferred to the area using injections with special cannulas.

Who can opt for it?

People choose to have the procedure to get fuller and attractive backside. It shapes-up your rear end giving it an ideal shape. Men and women who have lost weight like to restore their shapely figure.

During the consultation, our surgeon will discuss your goals for treatment.

Common concerns

While the surgery has been quite popular, still many patients come to us to know the after effects of it and whether Butt lift is permanent or not. However, if the fat is extracted, processed and injected in the right manner, the results will be long-lasting. If the procedure is performed correctly, the fat grafts remain unaffected no matter if you lose weight after the treatment.

Recovery protocols

  • You are not allowed sitting directly on your buttocks for three weeks.
  • A post-operative appointment in our office the date we give you.
  • You also have to wear compression garments for around 2 weeks 24 hours a day.
  • There may be swelling in the area for around six weeks. You can resume your routine after 4 weeks of it.

The Brazilian Butt Lift typically defines a surgical procedure that involves taking fat from areas of the body by liposuction, processing that fat and reinjecting it into the buttocks to create an enhanced shape and size of the gluteal region. The Brazilian Butt Lift has recently become one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed in this country, at least in terms of percentage increase. It usually does not involve the placement of buttock implants, but may, in certain circumstances, be combined with implants.

Brazilian butt lift what to expect?

The expectation after a Brazilian Butt Lift is that of an improved shaping and usually a volume enhancement of the buttocks. The full healing process may take a full 6 months to show the final result as the fat that is transferred needs to develop a circulation to survive as living fat tissue in the buttocks. Because fat is living tissue that comes from you, the patient, the results are long lasting and very natural in appearance and feel.

Brazilian butt lift procedure steps

The steps to obtaining a beautifully enhanced and reshaped buttocks through Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, to begin with your decision to seek consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon. In my practice, the first consultation includes a discussion of your goals and expectations, a physical examination to determine your actual needs and the feasibility of the surgery for your particular situation. Once you have made a decision to schedule surgery and are deemed a suitable candidate you will return for a second, or, pre-operative visit. During this visit final plans are designed, measurements and photographs are obtained and the surgery is scheduled. Instructions for the days immediately preceding the surgery are also given, including what to eat, medications to take or discontinue, blood tests to obtain and whether medical clearance is required or not.

Brazilian butt lift candidates

Many patients are candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. The only real requirement is that there must be enough fat on the body to harvest to inject into the buttocks.

Brazilian butt lift recovery

The recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is a relatively pain free process. There will be some discomfort for a few days, primarily due to the liposuction, but you will be on your feet on the day of surgery. The only requirement and possible inconvenience is that you will not be able to sit directly on the areas of the buttocks into which the fat was injected for two full weeks. Return visits to the office are usually scheduled for 4-5 days following surgery, 1-2 weeks later, 6 weeks following surgery, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. These routine visits are included in the cost of surgery and incur no further expense.

Brazilian butt lift results

Results of the Brazilian Butt Lift are very natural and long lasting in the overwhelming majority of patients. The improved shaping and volume enhancement are usually immediately visible and well appreciated. Keep in mind, however, the full final results may take six months. Since fat is living tissue it provides a more natural result, but it requires a blood supply to survive. Development of a blood supply takes some time, so don’t be too frustrated if the results also take some time.

Brazilian butt lift risks and safety

The Brazilian Butt Lift operation is considered to be very safe. However, it is surgery and with any surgery, no matter how simple and safe, there are risks. The most common risks include irregularities in the contours of the areas of liposuction but may include buttock contour irregularities as well. A more complete discussion of risks should take place with your chosen surgeon.

Preparing for Brazilian butt lift surgery

There is essentially no preparation for a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery unless it is recommended by your surgeon that you gain some weight for fat harvesting. Of course, smoking cessation is recommended for any surgery. More specific preparations, such as medication and diet instructions will vary by surgeon and are usually given during the consultations.

Brazilian butt lift post-op

The recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is relatively smooth with regard to discomfort. Perhaps the greatest inconvenience, at least in my practice, is the requirement that no sitting on the areas of fat injection takes place for two full weeks. This period of time allows the fat to become stabilized in its position and prevent it from becoming misshapen. There are pillows designed for this purpose available at several online sites.

Your Brazilian Butt Lift consultation: “what to discuss?”

During your consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon for the Brazilian butt lift your main goal should be to communicate with your surgeon. You have undoubtedly sat in front of a mirror and possibly viewed numerous photos of the butt that you desire. Try to verbalize the goals that you have to yourself before going for your consultation. If you can verbalize to yourself, it will be easier to express the goals to your surgeon. Your surgeon should then be adept at guiding the conversation and discussion toward the goals that you have preconceived.

Choose a Brazilian butt lift surgeon you can trust

Plastic surgeons have been trained in the art of fat transfer since well before the advent of the Brazilian Butt Lift. Since it’s popularity we have embraced the surgery and have assumed control of the procedure in order to ensure the safety and success of the BBL and its results. So, who better to choose than your American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon.

Brazilian butt lift NYC - Butt augmentation New York CIty

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