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Brazilian Buttock Lifts Abound

The statistics stand for themselves. Buttock enhancements have indeed increased over the past few years, in record numbers, sparked by our societal preoccupation with pop culture (i.e. The Kardashians). A good proportion of my procedures is Brazilian Butt Lift, where fat is removed from other parts of the body by liposuction and then injected into the buttocks for shaping and augmentation.

It may be somewhat simplistic to consider the answer to your insufficient derriere to be either intense squat workouts or surgery. Oftentimes intense squat workouts are just not enough. However, buttock augmentation is surgery and should not be taken in the same vein as workouts in the gym. Of course, working out is not without physical risk, but surgery carries a host of real risks that must be carefully considered before deciding on this as an option for gluteal enhancement.