Mommy Makeover NYC- Transform your post-baby body

The joys of motherhood are boundless. However, the effects of pregnancy on your body are significant. During the nine months, when you carry the baby

43 Questions You Need to Ask During Your Consultation:

43 Questions

1- What made you decide to become a cosmetic plastic surgeon?
2- How long have you been practicing as a cosmetic plastic surgeon?
3- Are you

Plastic Surgeon for redefining your looks in NYC

Both men and women today are obsessed with attaining the best physical appearance. Various medical procedures are available these days to help you achieve the

Finding the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon in NYC

Breast Augmentation surgery is the number one performed plastic surgery today. The procedure is a lot popular these days. Women all over the world want

Brazilian Buttock Lifts Abound

The statistics stand for themselves. Buttock enhancements have indeed increased over the past few years, in record numbers, sparked by our societal preoccupation with

Diabetes and Plastic Surgery NYC

In a prior posting, I implied that I would describe the relationship between diabetes and plastic surgery. In New York City, just as in

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