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Factors That Influence the Cost of a Tummy Tuck

Most people who are considering a tummy tuck have a general idea of what they want to accomplish. This article discusses the factors that impact cost and includes suggestions on how to save money.

The average price for a tummy tuck varies by a great deal.

Consultation – This is the most important factor in determining the price of the tummy tuck. To find out about the actual cost, you will need to pay an initial consultation fee. You should never pay anything to the surgeon.

Cosmetic Procedures – The price varies widely depending on the results obtained from the surgery. If the surgeon believes he has the best procedure available, the price will be high.

Plastic Surgeon – The price varies based on the type of plastic surgeon the surgeon is. Those who specialize in less common areas of plastic surgery and less common methods of surgery often charge less.

Out-of-Network – The cost varies based on the network of doctors in your area. As you become more familiar with the network of physicians, you will be able to negotiate your costs. You can save up to 50% by asking about network rates.

Additional Costs – This is a factor that does not apply to all surgeons. However, when you plan to have a second or third tummy tuck, this factor should be considered.

Fat Abscess – The amount of recovery time required after a tummy tuck will vary by patients. Sometimes, fat pockets and abscesses are small and only require a few days in the hospital.

The Cost of Obesity – The cost varies depending on the degree of obesity. Some cases are significantly more expensive than others. Some reasons for this include the level of obesity, location, and the amount of skin removed.

Location – The cost varies based on the hospital where the surgery is performed. For example, if the tummy tuck is performed at a major hospital that provides cosmetic surgery services, the cost is higher.

Hernia and Collagen – If a plastic surgeon is not familiar with the proper techniques for these procedures, the cost may be higher. The surgeon needs to be aware of what to expect and be able to use it as a selling point.

The above factors are just a few of the many factors that impact the cost of a tummy tuck. You can save money by negotiating a lower price for a consultation and the cosmetic surgeon itself.