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700cc Breast Implants: An In-Depth Guide to Going Big

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you may have heard about 700cc breast implants. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about this breast enhancement procedure. Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence or restore volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss, 700cc breast implants can help you achieve the size and shape you desire.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of implants to enhance breast size and shape. The use of 700cc implants allows for a significant increase in breast volume, resulting in a fuller appearance. However, it’s important to understand the procedure, the types of implants available, and the potential risks involved.

Throughout this guide, we will explore the candidacy criteria for 700cc breast implants, the types of implants available, and the aesthetic goals that can be achieved. We will also discuss the surgical techniques, recovery process, and long-term considerations associated with breast implant surgery. Additionally, we will emphasize the importance of considering breast enhancement beyond size, focusing on the role of shape and symmetry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breast augmentation with 700cc implants can provide a significant increase in breast volume.
  • Understanding the procedure, types of implants, and potential risks is crucial before making a decision.
  • Candidacy for 700cc implants is determined by factors such as age, overall health, breast shape, and size.
  • Choosing an experienced surgeon is essential for achieving the desired results.
  • It’s important to have realistic expectations and consider the long-term maintenance of breast implants.

Understanding 700cc Breast Implants

In this section, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of 700cc breast implants and how they relate to breast augmentation.

Firstly, let’s clarify what exactly the “700cc” measurement means when it comes to implant size. The number refers to the volume of the implant in cubic centimeters (cc), indicating its capacity. In the case of 700cc breast implants, this represents the amount of saline or silicone filler within each implant.

When considering 700cc breast implants for breast augmentation, it’s important to understand how this size can affect your desired outcome. The decision to choose 700cc implants should be based on several factors, including your body type, existing breast tissue, and the aesthetic goals you desire to achieve.

Every individual’s anatomy is unique, and what may work well for one person may not necessarily be suitable for another. Therefore, it is essential to consult with a qualified and experienced surgeon who can evaluate your specific situation and provide personalized recommendations.

In making the decision about implant size, your surgeon will consider your body proportions and the current size and shape of your breasts. They will also take into account your desired outcome, whether that be creating a more curvaceous silhouette, enhancing your natural shape, or achieving a specific breast size.

During your consultation, your surgeon will likely show you before-and-after photos of patients with similar body types and implant sizes, giving you a better idea of what can be achieved with 700cc implants. This can help you visualize the potential results and make a more informed decision.

It’s worth noting that while 700cc breast implants can provide a significant increase in volume and create a fuller appearance, they may not be suitable for everyone. Your surgeon will determine the optimal implant size based on your individual circumstances and goals, ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

Choosing the Right Type: Silicone vs Saline

In this section, we will discuss the two main types of breast implants: silicone and saline.

The Basics of Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants are composed of a silicone shell filled with a cohesive silicone gel. The texture and feel of silicone implants closely resemble natural breast tissue, providing a more natural look and feel. They are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate individual preferences and body types. However, it’s important to note that silicone implants carry a risk of rupture, which may require additional surgical procedures for removal or replacement.

Pros and Cons of Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants consist of a silicone shell filled with a sterile saline solution. One of the advantages of saline implants is the ability to adjust the implant size during surgery, which allows for further customization of the desired outcome. Saline implants may also result in visible rippling or wrinkling, especially in individuals with thin or minimal breast tissue. It’s important to consider these factors when choosing saline implants.

The Aesthetic Goal of Breast Augmentation

When considering breast augmentation with 700cc implants, it’s important to understand the aesthetic goals that can be achieved through this procedure. Breast augmentation not only enhances the size of the breasts, but also allows for improvements in shape and symmetry to create a desired overall appearance. Whether you seek to address asymmetry, volume loss, or simply desire a more proportionate figure, breast augmentation can help you achieve your desired breast shape.

During your consultation with a qualified surgeon, you will discuss your aesthetic goals in detail. It’s important to have realistic expectations and communicate your desired outcomes clearly. The surgeon will provide guidance based on your individual anatomy and recommend the appropriate techniques to achieve the desired aesthetic results. With their expertise, they will work with you to ensure that your breast augmentation aligns with your aesthetic vision.

When it comes to breast shape, there are various options to consider based on your desired outcome. The surgeon can help you choose the implant profile that will complement your body type and enhance your natural curves. Whether you prefer a round, teardrop, or contoured shape, the surgeon will guide you towards the most suitable option based on your individual goals and anatomy.

By selecting 700cc implants, you have the opportunity to achieve a significant increase in breast size, while also improving shape and symmetry. This larger implant size can provide a more voluptuous silhouette and enhance your overall aesthetic proportions. With the help of an experienced surgeon, breast augmentation with 700cc implants can help you achieve your desired breast shape and create a more confident and beautiful you.

Am I a Good Candidate for 700cc Breast Implants?

If you are considering 700cc breast implants for breast augmentation, it is important to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Several factors need to be considered to ensure that the procedure is safe and effective for you. Here are some key criteria to evaluate:

  • Age: It is recommended that you are at least 18 years old for saline implants and 22 years old for silicone implants to undergo breast augmentation.
  • Overall health: Your general health and well-being play a crucial role in determining your candidacy for 700cc breast implants. A thorough medical evaluation is essential to identify any underlying conditions that may pose risks during or after the surgery.
  • Breast shape and size: Your existing breast shape and size will be assessed to determine the suitability of 700cc implants. Your surgeon will consider factors such as breast symmetry, nipple position, and the amount of breast tissue available for optimal results.
  • Expectations: It is essential to have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. Your surgeon will discuss your aesthetic goals and ensure they align with what can be realistically achieved using 700cc breast implants.

Additional factors that may affect your candidacy include previous breast surgeries or plans for breastfeeding in the future. It is crucial to discuss these aspects with your surgeon during the consultation process.

Remember, determining candidacy for 700cc breast implants is a personalized process that requires the expertise and guidance of a qualified plastic surgeon. They will assess your individual situation and provide recommendations based on medical guidelines and their years of experience.

The 700cc Breast Augmentation Procedure Explained

In order to undergo a successful 700cc breast augmentation procedure, it is essential to understand the various aspects involved. This section will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what to expect throughout the entire process, from your initial consultation to the recovery and post-operative care. It will cover the following key areas:

Initial Consultation for Breast Augmentation

The initial consultation is a crucial part of your breast augmentation journey. During this appointment, you will meet with your surgeon to discuss your goals, expectations, and any concerns you may have. Your surgeon will also conduct a thorough evaluation of your current breast size, shape, and overall health to determine your suitability for the procedure. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore different implant options, including the size and type that best align with your desired results.

Surgical Techniques for Breast Implant Placement

The surgical technique for breast implant placement will be determined based on your specific needs and surgeon’s recommendation. Two commonly used techniques are subglandular and submuscular placement. Subglandular placement involves positioning the implants behind the breast tissue but in front of the pectoral muscle. On the other hand, submuscular placement involves placing the implants beneath the chest muscle for added coverage. Your surgeon will discuss these techniques with you, taking into account your anatomy and aesthetic goals, to determine the best approach for your 700cc breast augmentation.

Recovery and Post-Operative Care

After your breast augmentation procedure, proper recovery and post-operative care are critical for a successful outcome. You will be provided with detailed instructions to follow during the healing process, such as wearing a surgical bra for support and avoiding strenuous activities. It is essential to attend all follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor your progress and address any concerns or questions you may have. During the recovery period, it is normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort, but these symptoms will gradually improve over time. Your surgeon will provide guidance on pain management, hygiene, and scar care to ensure optimal healing and beautiful results. It is important to follow these instructions diligently to achieve the best long-term outcome.

By familiarizing yourself with the 700cc breast augmentation procedure, its initial consultation, surgical techniques for implant placement, and post-operative care, you can be well-prepared and confident in your decision to enhance your breast size and shape. Remember to consult with a reputable and experienced surgeon who will guide you through each step of the process and provide personalized care to help you achieve your desired results.

Managing Expectations: Before and After 700cc Breast Augmentation

When considering 700cc breast augmentation, it is important to manage your expectations before and after the procedure. Understanding the potential changes in your breast appearance and the timeline for achieving final results can help ensure a more positive experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Realistic Expectations: It is crucial to have realistic expectations regarding the results of 700cc breast augmentation. Every individual’s body is unique, and outcomes can vary. Consulting with a qualified surgeon will help you understand what is achievable and align your expectations accordingly.
  2. Initial Swelling and Healing: Immediately after surgery, your breasts will be swollen, which can impact their appearance. It’s essential to understand that these changes are temporary. Over time, as the swelling subsides and your body heals, you will begin to see more accurate and satisfying results.
  3. Timeframe for Final Results: It takes time for your breasts to settle and for the implants to fully adjust within the breast tissue. Generally, it can take several months for the final results of 700cc breast augmentation to become fully apparent. Patience is key during this period.
  4. Post-Operative Support: It is crucial to have emotional support during the recovery process. Having someone who can understand and empathize with your experience can help you stay positive and manage any emotional ups and downs that may occur. Reach out to friends, family, or support groups to ensure you have the support you need.

By managing your expectations and being aware of the potential changes and timeline involved in the breast augmentation process, you can approach your 700cc breast augmentation journey with a realistic mindset and achieve more satisfying results.

700cc Breast Implants in NYC: What You Need to Know

Why NYC Is a Hub for Cosmetic Surgery

New York City is renowned worldwide as a thriving hub for cosmetic surgery, attracting individuals seeking the highest quality aesthetic procedures. With its numerous prestigious medical institutions and cutting-edge technological advancements, NYC offers a rich environment for those looking to enhance their appearance through transformative procedures like 700cc breast implants. The city’s vibrant culture of beauty and fashion also contributes to its reputation as a center for cosmetic enhancements.

With access to world-class plastic surgeons, renowned medical facilities, and a wealth of expertise, patients considering 700cc breast implants in NYC can feel confident in the level of care and results they can expect. The city’s reputable surgeons are well-versed in the latest surgical techniques and strive to deliver exceptional outcomes tailored to each patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals.

Choosing a Surgeon for 700cc Breast Implants in Manhattan

When it comes to choosing a surgeon for 700cc breast implants in Manhattan, it’s essential to consider a few critical factors to ensure a positive and successful cosmetic surgery experience. Firstly, qualifications and board certifications are crucial indicators of a surgeon’s expertise and commitment to upholding rigorous standards of patient care and safety. Look for surgeons who are board-certified in plastic surgery, as this attests to their extensive training and specialization in the field.

Secondly, experience plays a vital role in selecting the right surgeon. Look for professionals who have a proven track record of performing successful breast implant procedures and have a significant amount of experience with 700cc implants specifically. Experience not only demonstrates technical proficiency but also enhances a surgeon’s ability to understand and fulfill patients’ aesthetic goals.

Patient testimonials and before-and-after photos can provide valuable insight into a surgeon’s skills and patient satisfaction rates. Take the time to review these resources to get an idea of the surgeon’s past results and the experiences of their patients. This information can help you make an informed decision and feel confident in your choice.

In addition to qualifications, experience, and patient testimonials, it’s crucial to have open and honest communication with your chosen surgeon. A strong patient-surgeon relationship built on trust, mutual understanding, and effective communication is key to achieving optimal results. During consultations, ask questions, express your expectations, and ensure that your surgeon understands your desired outcome.

In conclusion, when considering 700cc breast implants in NYC, it’s important to leverage the city’s renowned reputation for cosmetic surgery and select a qualified surgeon who aligns with your goals and priorities. By choosing a surgeon with the right credentials, experience, and patient satisfaction, you can embark on your breast augmentation journey with confidence, knowing you have made an informed decision for your transformative procedure.

Potential Risks and Complications of Breast Implant Surgery

When considering breast implant surgery, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks and complications that may arise. While breast augmentation can have transformative results, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the possible challenges that may occur. Here are some of the potential risks and complications associated with breast implant surgery:

  1. Infection: Infection is a possible complication following breast implant surgery. It can occur during the recovery period and may require additional treatment, such as antibiotics or, in severe cases, implant removal.
  2. Capsular Contracture: Capsular contracture is a condition in which scar tissue forms around the implant, causing the breast to feel firm or painful. If severe, it may require additional surgery to correct.
  3. Implant Rupture: While modern breast implants are designed to be durable, there is still a risk of rupture. If a rupture occurs, it may require implant removal or replacement.
  4. Changes in Nipple Sensation: Some individuals may experience changes in nipple sensation following breast implant surgery. This can range from increased sensitivity to decreased sensation.

It is important to note that these risks and complications are relatively rare, but it is vital to discuss them with your surgeon during your consultation. Your surgeon will provide you with detailed information on how these risks can be minimized and what steps can be taken to ensure successful outcomes. Furthermore, following the post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon can greatly reduce the likelihood of experiencing complications.

Long-term Considerations and Implant Longevity

In order to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your 700cc breast implants, there are important long-term considerations and maintenance practices to keep in mind. By adhering to these guidelines, you can help maximize the lifespan of your implants and address any potential issues that may arise.

Maintenance of Breast Implants Over Time

Regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon are crucial for monitoring the health and condition of your breast implants. These appointments allow your surgeon to assess the stability and position of the implants, as well as check for any signs of complications or changes that may require attention. It is recommended to schedule annual or biennial check-ups to ensure the ongoing health of your implants.

Additionally, it is important to be aware of any changes in your breasts and to promptly report any unusual symptoms to your surgeon. This includes changes in size, shape, or texture, as well as pain, swelling, or noticeable asymmetry. Early detection and intervention can help address potential issues before they worsen.

Your surgeon may also provide specific instructions for implant maintenance, such as massaging the breasts to prevent capsular contracture or performing breast self-exams to monitor for changes. It is essential to follow these guidelines to keep your implants in optimal condition.

When to Consider Implant Replacement or Removal

Over time, it may be necessary to consider implant replacement or removal. While breast implants are designed to be long-lasting, they are not considered permanent devices. The lifespan of breast implants is variable and influenced by factors such as individual anatomy, implant placement, and lifestyle.

If you experience any complications, such as implant rupture or capsular contracture, your surgeon may recommend replacing or removing the implants. It is important to promptly address these issues to prevent further complications and ensure the health and appearance of your breasts.

In some cases, individuals may choose to replace or remove their implants for personal reasons, such as changes in aesthetic preferences or lifestyle. Communicating openly with your surgeon about your goals, concerns, and desired outcomes can help guide these decisions and ensure your satisfaction.

Ultimately, the longevity and performance of your 700cc breast implants depend on regular follow-up appointments, proper maintenance, and prompt attention to any changes or complications. By adhering to these guidelines and seeking expert advice when needed, you can enjoy the benefits of your breast augmentation for years to come.

Breast Enhancement Beyond Size: The Role of Shape and Symmetry

When considering breast augmentation, it’s important to understand that the procedure goes beyond simply increasing the size of your breasts. Achieving the desired shape and symmetry is equally crucial for a proportionate and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

During your consultation with a skilled surgeon, you will have the opportunity to discuss your specific goals and expectations. The surgeon will work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan that takes into account your unique anatomical features and desired outcome.

One aspect of breast enhancement that plays a significant role is breast shape. The surgeon will work to create a shape that complements your body type and provides a natural-looking result. Whether you desire a more rounded appearance or a subtle teardrop shape, the surgeon will utilize their expertise to achieve your ideal breast shape.

In addition to shape, symmetry is another important consideration. Many women naturally have some degree of breast asymmetry, and breast augmentation can help address this concern. The surgeon will carefully assess your breast symmetry and take the necessary steps to create a more balanced and harmonious result.

Furthermore, breast augmentation can be combined with other procedures to enhance the overall outcome. For example, a breast lift can help address sagging or drooping breasts, while fat grafting can be used to enhance breast volume and contour.

Remember, breast enhancement is not just about size; it’s about achieving the desired shape and symmetry to enhance your natural beauty. A skilled surgeon will guide you through the process, ensuring that your goals are met and that you feel confident and satisfied with your breast augmentation results.


In conclusion, 700cc breast implants offer individuals a significant enhancement in breast size and shape. This comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights into the various aspects of breast augmentation with 700cc implants. We have discussed the importance of understanding implant sizes and their impact on the overall results, as well as the different types of implants available.

Choosing the right surgeon is crucial, and we have emphasized the importance of conducting thorough research and consultation. It is essential to have realistic expectations and manage them effectively, understanding that final results may take time to fully develop. Additionally, we have highlighted the potential risks and complications associated with breast implant surgery, as well as the long-term considerations for implant maintenance and potential replacement.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue breast augmentation with 700cc implants is a personal one. By utilizing the information provided in this guide, you can make an informed decision and approach the procedure with confidence. We encourage you to consult with a qualified surgeon who can assess your individual needs and goals and guide you through the process. Remember, thorough research and open communication are key to achieving satisfactory results.


What are 700cc breast implants?

700cc breast implants refer to the size of the breast implants used in breast augmentation surgery. The number 700 represents the volume of the implant in cubic centimeters (cc). These implants are known for their larger size, which can create a significant increase in breast size and fullness.

How does breast augmentation with 700cc implants compare to other sizes?

Breast augmentation with 700cc implants results in a larger increase in breast size compared to smaller implant sizes, such as 300cc or 500cc. The choice of implant size depends on individual preferences, body proportions, and aesthetic goals. It is essential to consult with a qualified surgeon to determine the most suitable implant size for your desired outcome.

What types of breast implants are available for 700cc breast augmentation?

Both silicone and saline breast implants are available in 700cc sizes. Silicone implants are composed of a cohesive silicone gel that closely mimics the feel of natural breast tissue, while saline implants are filled with a sterile saline solution. Each type has its advantages and considerations, and it is important to discuss the options with your surgeon to determine the best choice for you.

Am I a suitable candidate for 700cc breast implants?

The suitability for 700cc breast implants depends on various factors, including your overall health, breast anatomy, and aesthetic goals. It is crucial to have a thorough consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate your candidacy based on these criteria and provide personalized recommendations.

What are the potential risks and complications associated with 700cc breast implant surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, breast augmentation with 700cc implants carries potential risks and complications. These can include infection, bleeding, capsular contracture (scar tissue formation around the implant), implant rupture, and changes in nipple sensation. It is important to discuss these potential risks with your surgeon and closely follow post-operative care instructions to minimize the likelihood of complications.

How long do 700cc breast implants typically last?

The lifespan of 700cc breast implants can vary, but they are designed to be long-lasting. However, it is essential to understand that breast implants are not considered permanent and may require replacement or removal at some point in the future. Regular follow-up appointments and proper implant maintenance can help ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the implants.

Can 700cc breast implants improve breast symmetry?

Breast augmentation with 700cc implants can improve breast symmetry in cases where there is existing asymmetry. During the procedure, the surgeon can work to create a more proportionate and balanced appearance, achieving a symmetrical outcome. However, it is important to have realistic expectations and understand that perfect symmetry may not always be attainable.

How do I choose the right surgeon for 700cc breast implants in NYC?

When selecting a surgeon for 700cc breast implants in NYC, it is crucial to consider their credentials, experience, and expertise in performing breast augmentation procedures. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery, and be sure to read patient reviews and view before-and-after photos to assess their results and patient satisfaction.

What are the maintenance requirements for 700cc breast implants?

Regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon are essential to monitor the condition of your 700cc breast implants. During these appointments, your surgeon can assess the integrity of the implants and address any concerns or potential complications. It is also important to be aware of any changes in the breasts and promptly report them to your surgeon.

Can breast augmentation with 700cc implants improve breast shape as well as size?

Yes, breast augmentation with 700cc implants can enhance both breast size and shape. Your surgeon can work with you to determine the ideal implant placement and technique to achieve your desired shape and address specific aesthetic concerns or asymmetry. It is crucial to communicate your goals and expectations clearly with your surgeon during your consultation.

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