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Patients' Testimonials

I received buttock augmentation with implants and fat removed from the abdomen and arms and love the results!!!! Dr. Francis is awesome!!!! He did an amazing job!!!! My body contour cannot get better than this. I recovered perfectly in two weeks. The staff is also very impressive. Anela can handle the flow of phone calls, e-mails, and more very efficiently. All of my questions were answered with detailed responses. I will surely come back to the office for procedures in the future. Dr. Francis is definitely the best!!!!!

May 16th, 2012


Almost 7 months past my surgery and I am unbelievably thrilled with the results Dr. Francis gave me. My body went from a mother that has 2 kids but looks like she has 8 to a woman that looks like she never gave birth to a child. 🙂 He regained my complete confidence back in my life. My husband always said he loved my body but, I never felt comfortable in clothes and out in public. Now, I step out to the world and am so happy that i am back to being truly beautiful. I thank you Dr. Francis. You are truly my savior!! I can’t forget his staff which is exceptionally wonderful! I love you guys and thank you for everything!!!

Sara H.,


I wanted more Butt in my back and didn’t know how. My friend went to Dr. F for a breast augmentation and I loved her results, so I tried him out. The staff is amazing as is Dr. F. He sat down and took a look at how much fat I had and talked about how my goal butt will look like. I had the surgery about a month ago and I am so thrilled to see my results! He did an amzing job while keeping me look natural. I will recommend him to anyone I know. Thank you Dr. F!

May 21st, 2011


I can’t believe how good Dr. Francis is! He is a gem and I can’t wait till i show my results to my mom and sister. I know they will run to him! He is a man of few words, but his work is TOP NOTCH! Anela is the rock and face of his office! I would of backed off of the surgery in fear, but she made me so much comfortable and I trusted her. Glad I did!

Thank you guys!

March 9th, 2012


First off I wanna say DR. Francis you are (GREAT) I love my new Butt ! I had a Butt Augmentation through fat transfer and so far so good I love my new body my butt looks amazing. I met with DR. Francis and told him exactly the way I wanted my Butt to look and what I loved about him was that he went straight to the point and told me what fat I needed to remove instead of how much. He made me feel so comfortable and confident that honestly i am so surprised my Butt looks GORGEOUS. Yes of course I have bruising and I’m very soar but over all this experience is so worth it especially when u in hands of one of the top notch surgeons in NYC. Furthermore, DR. Francis you have an amazing kind and friendly team with you especially , in my opinion the face of your office Anela. Personally I just wanna thank you for your dedication and care from me Anela . You made me feel so beautiful and as well confident. We need more people like u in the plastic surgery world. Thanks to you my mother is inspired by you and would like to join the plastic surgery word now and would like a consultation with DR. Francis. (DR.Francis get ready to my make my mother look more beautiful now as well too LOL!!!!!!!
Kim G,

August 15th, 2012


Dr. Francis is an amazing plastic surgeon!!! My experience with Dr. Francis was exceptional. I had my butt augmentation done as well as a breast lift. Im extremely happy with the results,it turned out to be better than I expected. I consider Dr. Francis my Michael Angelo; the greatest living artist/sculptor in his lifetime. He sculpted my body almost to perfection. Furthermore, his team working along side of him were also amazing, especially Fumiko; registered nurse and Dr. Gotlieb; anesthesiologist.They were friendly, caring and made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. I can’t forget Anela, the office manager; she is the rock of that office. Thanks to Dr. Francis I got my self-esteem back!!! I have received many compliments on my natural looking breast and butt. As a result of Dr. Francis expertise, I’m considering going back to add a little more fat on my butt. I’m very satisfied about the whole process from consultation to recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Francis as your first plastic surgeon. I wished he had been my first but now he is my only!
Indira S.,

February 23rd, 2013


Dr. Francis is impeccably ethical in his practice, which is the most important thing you need from a plastic surgeon. There are certainly those who are not. I’m not just referring to famous cases of taking advantage of a troubled soul, like a Michael Jackson. A good surgeon, like Dr. Francis, is honest about what can and cannot be done but will try to do his best for you.

I went to him after an irresponsible, albeit well-known, surgeon performed procedures of excessive tightening and placement of an oversized custom medpor implant that, due to its poorly conceived design, assaulted soft tissue. The implant was well integrated over the course of seven years and very difficult to remove, but Dr. Francis did. Other surgeons turned their back on me, not wanting to tackle another surgeon’s errors. In sympathy with my suffering, his fees were even moderate.
Eleven years earlier Dr. Francis also successfully treated me for an acute infection of another implant and effectively saved my life. Don’t waste time, go with the best.
Ed Baker,


Almost a year after my breast augmentation surgery I love my body more and more every day. Dr. Francis did an amazing job, and I can not be more thankful than I am for my new look.

Whole experience from my first consultation was easy. We scheduled the surgery in a short time, because I wanted to do it soon as possible, I recovered quickly, and post-op period was just fine.

Dr. Francis is very professional, explains everything, and answers as many questions as you have. At the same time he is funny, patient, caring, spontaneous….simply I can say only the best about him and his work.

From the moment you walk in his office you will be approach by friendly and professional people. Anela is an amazing person. She will guide you through all, schedule or reschedule your appointments, and will smile all the time. At the day of your surgery you will have a pleasure to meet such a charming anesthesiologist, who found time to talk to me and to calm me down before I walked in OR with a smile. And in the end you will see Dr. Francis preparing for a surgery before you fall asleep, and when you wake up, I guarantee you will be happier then ever.

Thank you Dr. Francis for your great great great work.
Sanja C.,


Best Butt I ever Had!!! Thanks Dr. Francis. Anella is WONDERFUL. I felt like she was family and she was there thruout my whole procedure. I refer my friends and family to Dr. Francis all the time! They are GREAT!
Michelle N,

May 16th, 2012


Im planning on getting a BBL and so far the planning and doing my arrangements is so easy Dr. Francis is and was my only choice since I met him and did my consultation with him, he is sweet, patient which is very important to me and answered my questions. Anela is also an amazing person she answers my emails right away she a multitasker who is a sweetheart, and the staff is also so outgoing, I’m so looking forward of getting my procedure done.

August 31st, 2012


I am a nursing professor in a NYC based university. Dr. Francis recently excised a rather large cyst from my upper back. I tend to be an anxious, high-strung person, so I was pretty nervous before the procedure. My experience with Dr. Francis and his staff was wonderful; Dr. Francis has restored my trust in physicians. He is gentle, caring, patient, approachable, competent, and treats the whole person.

Dr. Francis answered all of my questions clearly and completely and patiently alleviated each of my pre and post-op concerns. I received local anesthesia and was conscious for the procedure, and he continuously assessed my comfort level and gave me emotional reassurance and progress reports throughout its duration. Furthermore, Dr. Francis was readily available to me via telephone immediately post-op, if I experienced any complications and/or had any concerns. Gratefully, my post-op recovery was exceedingly smooth.

I would return to Dr. Francis in a heartbeat for further healthcare. I have already highly recommended him to friends, colleagues, and loved ones. He and his staff (especially Anela) are the greatest!!!
NYC Professor,

August 22nd, 2010


Kenneth R. Francis, MD

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