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43 Questions You Need to Ask During Your Consultation:

43 Questions

1- What made you decide to become a cosmetic plastic surgeon?
2- How long have you been practicing as a cosmetic plastic surgeon?
3- Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? If so, how long?
4- When are you required to take your recertification exam? If not required,when are you planning to selectively take an exam?
5- What was your medical specialty before you chose to practice Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?
6- Have you been disciplined by a board or by the state?
7- What is your favorite procedure to perform and why?
8- How may [insert procedure here] have you performed?
9- How many revisions of your own work, on average do you perform?
10- Have you or would you be willing to perform this procedure on a loved one of a family member?
11- Would there be any reason that I would not be a good candidate for this surgery?
12- What are the complications of this particular procedure?
13- Are there other techniques, newer ones perhaps, that I am not aware of?
14- How long to you recommend I take off from work, school, etc. to heal properly?
15- Will there be much pain?
16- What types of medications will I be given and which pain medications do you normally prescribe?
17- Do you perform surgeries with the patient under general, light, sleep sedation? Which do you prefer and why?
18- I have heard that general anesthesia makes the patient sick to their stomach, is this true? What can you do to lessen its effect?
19- Do you have a patient referrer list so that I may contact one of your past patients and speak to them?
20- Do you have many repeat patients and referrals?
21- How many of these procedures do you perform, on average, annually?
22- Will there be much bruising or swelling?
23- When should I expect to look normal again?
24- Will I have to scar? If so, how bad will it be?
25- Do you have hospital privileges, should I choose to undergo my procedure in a hospital?
26- Will I have an anesthetist or a doctor of anesthesiology if I have general anesthesia?
27- What are side effects possible with [insert procedure here] ?
28- What tips do you have for me to ease some discomfort and pain?
29- Must I abide by any special diet, both pre-operatively as post-operatively?
30- Will this have any effects on my surgery, anesthesia, or recovery?
31- Will this have any effects on my surgery, anesthesia, or recovery?
32- What would you do if I had a complication?
33- If my results are not what I wanted, what is your policy on revisions? Can I have that in writing?
34- Do you believe my expectations can be met?
35- What if I change my mind and back out, will my money be refunded?
36- If I have an emergency the night after surgery, what should I do?
37- If an emergency arises, will you be the attending physician?
38- If I have stitches, when will they come out?
39- Are there any hidden costs that I should know about? For lab work, post- operative check-ups, additional medications, compression garments?
40- If I need anything after hours, how will I be able to get in touch with you or your staff?
41- What is your protocol for post-op care?
42- Do you offer to finance? Do you expect full payment up front? Can I pay in increments?
43- When will I be able to walk, exercise, run or participate in contact sports?

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