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Diabetes and Plastic Surgery NYC

In a prior posting, I implied that I would describe the relationship between diabetes and plastic surgery. In New York City, just as in the rest of the country and even globally, diabetes prevalence is on the rise. Today, I see many more patients seeking plastic surgery and carrying a diagnosis of diabetes than I did 10 or 15 years ago. Diabetes and obesity often exist hand in hand and obesity often drive patients to their plastic surgeon for procedures such as liposuction NYC and abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck. Diabetes often promotes obesity and obesity certainly contribute to diabetes.

The issue with regard to plastic surgery is that both uncontrolled diabetes and obesity independently increase the risks of having any surgery at all. Risks for infection, blood clots, and poor healing, just to name a few, are all higher for these patients. Combine the two conditions and risks skyrocket. Also, too often I hear from my patients that have diabetes comments such as, “I don’t take my medication because I feel fine”, “oh, I’m only on the borderline” or “I don’t check my blood sugar or take my insulin because I don’t like needles.” Enter Afrezza inhalable insulin, the inhalable insulin made by Mankind. It is inhaled, just as an asthma medication would be inhaled. No needles. It is rapid acting, so can be taken immediately before eating. There is no timing of 30 minutes before meals involved, as with injectable insulin. Hypoglycemic episodes (low blood sugar after taking insulin) are fewer than when using injectable insulin. By the way, hypoglycemic episodes are the number one, most common diagnosis for hospital admission in diabetics in this country!

Enough of my ranting about a medication that has the potential to revolutionize diabetes management worldwide. Diabetes is a pandemic that we need to control. Our health care dollars depend on it and safer plastic surgery in NYC depends on it.

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