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Mommy Makeover NYC- Transform your post-baby body

The joys of motherhood are boundless. However, the effects of pregnancy on your body are significant. During the nine months, when you carry the baby inside you and nurture him, body underwent a lot of changes. Your genes are the primary factor that alters the way you look. Some women are lucky enough to shed extra kilos from their body right after the baby birth and for some the process takes time. No amount of exercise and dieting bring them back to what they used to look pre-pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover…. you might have come across this ample of times. As the name implies, it help new mothers get back to their sizes post pregnancy. Mommy Makeover is a very popular procedure in NYC. A lot of women rely on it, to reverse the changes motherhood brought to them. It is the combination of surgical procedures that help you restore your pre-motherhood figure. So you get back your body after it.

Pregnancy affects multiple areas of the body. Most common procedures included in Mommy Makeover NYC are tummy tuck, breast surgery either breast lift or augmentation, or both. Depending on the doctor, the procedure may also have variations. Some of them also focus on the hips, butts and thighs. These areas are treated using Liposuction or fat transfers techniques.

Recovering after the procedure
•The most common mistakes women try and do after the treatment are trying to do as much too soon. Take care yourself property after it. Recovery always takes time. If you take all necessary precautions, you tend to recover faster.
•You will need help for three days. Drink plenty of water post-opt. You can also choose to stay in post-op facility where you are well taken care of by professional staff.
•Hire services of a caregiver for around a week. Do not cook or clean during that period. It may take you fifteen days to start performing strenuous activities.
•After 14 days, you will feel recovered, but bruises, swelling and stiffness will be there. These after effects will subside slowly and gradually.
•Do not just over-burden yourself with work. Give your body some time to adjust to new changes.

Contact the office of Dr Francis and set up an appointment for Mommy makeover NYC. During your meeting, the doctor offers you complimentary consultation to help you understand the process in a better and rational way. Call us for more information.


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