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Reverse Abdominoplasty: Upper Abdominal Contouring

Are you tired of the extra skin and sagging in your upper belly? But, you’re not sure about a full tummy tuck? “Reverse abdominoplasty” might be what you need. This new procedure shapes and improves your upper belly. It’s perfect for those who don’t need a full tummy tuck.

Key Takeaways

  • Reverse abdominoplasty targets upper abdominal laxity and excess skin, without the need for a full tummy tuck.
  • It is an ideal option for individuals who have lost significant weight and struggle with upper abdominal concerns.
  • The procedure can be combined with breast enhancement techniques to achieve a comprehensive body transformation.
  • Experienced plastic surgeons in NYC offer reverse abdominoplasty to help patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals.
  • Recovery time and risks are generally less than a traditional abdominoplasty, making it an attractive option for many patients.

What is a Reverse Abdominoplasty?

A reverse abdominoplasty nyc, or reverse tummy tuck, is a special surgery. It’s for people with extra skin and fat above their belly button. This surgery is for those with issues in the upper belly, not the lower part.

Reshaping the Upper Abdomen

This surgery aims at the upper belly’s loose skin and fat. It’s different from a regular tummy tuck, which works on the lower belly. The goal is to make the upper belly look better by lifting and tightening it.

Ideal Candidates for Reverse Tummy Tuck

People with extra skin and fat above their belly button are good candidates. It helps those who have lost a lot of weight or had babies. Women wanting fuller breasts can also benefit from it, using the extra skin for abdominal contouring nyc and abdomen reshaping nyc.

The Reverse Abdominoplasty Procedure

If you’re thinking about reverse abdominoplasty surgery in NYC, it’s key to know what it involves. This surgery doesn’t touch the lower abdomen’s muscles and tissues. Instead, it shapes the upper part of your abdomen.

Your plastic surgeon will start by making an incision under the breasts during the reverse abdominoplasty. This lets them lift the skin above the belly button. They might also tighten the muscles and remove extra fat with liposuction.

A traditional abdominoplasty focuses on the lower belly. But reverse abdominoplasty targets the upper part. It’s great for those needing help after pregnancy or wanting abdominal etching in NYC.

This surgery works on the upper belly to fix skin sag, fat, and muscle tone. It helps you get a smoother and younger-looking midsection.

Advantages of the Reverse Abdominoplasty

  • Targets the upper abdominal area for improved contour
  • Avoids the need for a full abdominoplasty or abdominoplasty repair in NYC
  • Can be combined with other procedures like breast enhancement for a comprehensive transformation
  • Offers a more tailored approach to address specific upper abdominal concerns

The reverse abdominoplasty is a special technique that can greatly improve your upper belly’s look. Knowing what it does helps you decide if it’s right for your goals.

Combining Reverse Abdominoplasty with Breast Enhancement

If you want to improve your bust line with a reverse tummy tuck manhattan, Kenneth R. Francis, MD has a great solution. They use the extra skin from the upper abdomen to make your breasts fuller and more natural-looking. This method, called corrective abdominoplasty new york, gives you a fresh look without breast implants.

Many people also get a breast lift (mastopexy) with their revision abdominoplasty procedure nyc. This helps fix sagging breasts for a younger look. Plus, the reverse abdominoplasty can fix breast implants that moved, making your results better.

Using Excess Skin for Breast Augmentation

Your plastic surgeon can use the extra skin from the upper abdomen for a natural breast boost. This method, called autologous breast augmentation, uses your own tissue for a fresh look.

Repositioning Breast Implants

Some people’s breast implants move over time. The reverse abdominoplasty can fix this, giving you a better look for those wanting a tummy tuck revision new york city.

Reverse Abdominoplasty with Breast AugmentationExcess skin and tissue from the upper abdomen is used to enhance the breasts, providing natural-looking volume and shape without the need for implants.
Reverse Abdominoplasty with Breast LiftThe reverse abdominoplasty is combined with a breast lift (mastopexy) to address sagging or drooping breasts, restoring a more youthful, perky contour.
Reverse Abdominoplasty with Breast Implant RepositioningThe reverse abdominoplasty procedure can be used to reposition breast implants that have shifted from their original placement, improving the overall aesthetic appearance.

Recovery After reverse abdominoplasty nyc

Getting a reverse abdominoplasty, or reverse tummy tuck, in New York City can change your life. It’s key to know what recovery is like for a smooth and good result. Dr. Kenneth R. Francis, a top nyc abdominoplasty revision surgeon, helps his patients every step of the way, including after surgery.

Right after your abdominoplasty redo surgery in New York, you might see bruising, swelling, and some pain. This is normal and your surgeon will give you pain meds to help. You’ll need to wear a special bandage or compression garment for a week to help healing.

You can go back to your daily life, like work, in one to two weeks after your new york reverse tummy tuck. But, it’s important to listen to your surgeon and avoid hard exercise or activity for six weeks. This helps your body heal right and lowers the chance of problems.

Your surgeon will keep an eye on how you’re doing and tell you when you can start doing more normal things. With care and patience, you’ll see the best results of your reverse abdominoplasty in NYC in a few months. As swelling goes down, your belly will look better.

Reverse Abdominoplasty Results

Patients in New York City who get a reverse abdominoplasty see big changes in their upper belly. This procedure, also known as an upper abdominoplasty or reverse tummy tuck, fixes the sagging skin and extra fat in the upper belly. It gives a smoother, younger look.

Improved Upper Abdominal Contour

A key benefit of a reverse abdominoplasty repair new york city is a better-looking upper belly. The surgeon removes extra skin and tightens muscles for a sleeker look. People feel more confident and happy with their new, flatter stomach.

Natural Breast Enhancement

For those wanting bigger breasts, reverse abdominoplasty is a natural choice. The surgeon uses extra skin from the belly to make the breasts fuller and perkier. This method gives a natural-looking breast boost that matches the body’s shape.

Reverse Abdominoplasty BenefitsDescription
Improved Upper Abdominal ContourTighter, more defined upper midsection with reduced skin laxity and improved muscle tone
Natural Breast EnhancementUtilization of excess abdominal tissue to augment breast volume and shape without implants

After a few months, the full effects of the reverse abdominoplasty repair new york city show up as swelling goes down and healing happens. With careful cuts and skilled surgery, scars are hidden well. This makes the results look natural and pleasing.

Benefits of Reverse Abdominoplasty

The reverse abdominoplasty, also known as the reverse tummy tuck, is a great way to fix upper belly issues. It’s different from traditional tummy tucks. This method has many benefits.

Targets Upper Abdominal Laxity

This surgery is great for the upper belly area. It’s hard to fix with liposuction or a regular tummy tuck because of extra skin and tissue. The reverse abdominoplasty lifts and tightens the upper belly for a younger look.

Avoids Breast Implants

If you want to improve your breasts and belly, this surgery is a good choice. It uses your own skin and tissue for a natural breast look without implants. This avoids the risks of implant surgery.

This surgery is versatile and can fix many issues. It targets specific areas and uses your body’s own resources for great results. It’s perfect for those looking into reverse abdominoplasty, tummy tuck revision, abdominal contouring, excess skin removal, body lift, abdominal reshape, abdominoplasty repair, post-weight loss surgery, abdomen recontouring, scar revision, body contouring, abdominal wall reconstruction, plastic surgery, or cosmetic procedures.

Reverse Abdominoplasty in NYC

If you’re thinking about getting a reverse abdominoplasty in New York City, find a skilled plastic surgeon. Reverse abdominoplasty, or a reverse tummy tuck, is a complex procedure. It can make the upper abdomen look better.

In NYC, you’ll find plastic surgeons who are experts in abdominal contouring and abdomen reshaping. They have learned the detailed techniques needed for a successful reverse abdominoplasty.

Experienced NYC Plastic Surgeons

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for a reverse abdominoplasty in New York City is key. Look for surgeons with lots of experience in tummy tuck revision and abdominoplasty correction. These skills are crucial for great results.

These skilled NYC plastic surgeons work closely with their patients. They understand what each patient wants and create a plan just for them. Their knowledge in abdominal contouring and abdomen reshaping helps patients reach their beauty goals.

Candidates for Reverse Tummy Tuck NYC

If you’re thinking about getting a reverse abdominoplasty surgery nyc or post-pregnancy abdominoplasty nyc, it’s key to know who’s a good fit. This surgery, also called abdominal etching nyc or abdominoplasty repair nyc, targets the upper belly area. It removes extra skin and fat to give you a smoother look.

People who’ve had big changes in their upper belly, like after pregnancy, weight loss, or aging, are top candidates. Women often choose this surgery to fix the loose skin and extra fat left over after having babies. It’s a way to look better without needing breast implants.

To be a good candidate, you should be pretty healthy, not smoke, and have clear expectations about what the surgery can do. This surgery can:

  • Make the upper belly look better by removing extra skin and fat
  • Shape and improve the breasts using the extra skin
  • Give you a younger and more toned look overall

It’s crucial to talk to a skilled plastic surgeon, like Dr. Kenneth R. Francis, who knows about reverse abdominoplasty surgery nyc. They can check if this surgery meets your needs and goals.

Preparation for Reverse Abdominoplasty Surgery

If you’re thinking about a tummy tuck revision or corrective abdominoplasty in New York City, getting ready is crucial. Working with your plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth R. Francis, is important for a smooth surgery. You’ll talk about your medical history, do any needed tests, and discuss the surgery and recovery with Dr. Francis.

This helps Dr. Francis make the surgery fit your needs for the best results.

  1. Medical History Review: You’ll talk about your health, past surgeries, and any health issues that might affect your surgery or recovery.
  2. Pre-Operative Testing: Dr. Francis might ask for lab work, imaging tests, or other checks to make sure you’re ready for the surgery.
  3. Surgical Plan Discussion: You and Dr. Francis will go over the reverse abdominoplasty surgery details. This includes the surgery method, what you can expect, and possible risks or problems.
  4. Recovery Preparation: Dr. Francis will tell you what to expect when you’re recovering. This includes any activity limits, medicine instructions, and tips for getting help with daily tasks.

Getting ready for your tummy tuck revision, corrective abdominoplasty, or reverse tummy tuck in New York City is key. It helps make sure your surgery with Dr. Kenneth R. Francis is safe, successful, and satisfying.

Risks and Complications

When thinking about an abdominoplasty redo surgery in New York or a new york reverse tummy tuck, know the risks and complications. Every surgery has its own set of factors to consider before you go ahead with a nyc abdominoplasty revision surgery.

Bleeding is a big worry. It can happen during or after the surgery. Good surgical skills and controlling bleeding well are key to lowering this risk. Also, infections can happen, so it’s important to follow all instructions before and after surgery to avoid problems.

Scars are another thing to think about. The surgery team will try to make scars as small as possible. But, scars are part of the surgery. Patients should know that how scars look can change based on how they heal and their skin type.

Some people might feel numbness or tingling after a reverse abdominoplasty. This is usually just while the nerves heal, but sometimes it can last longer.

Potential Risks and ComplicationsStrategies to Minimize Risks
BleedingMeticulous surgical techniques, proper hemostasis
InfectionStrict adherence to pre- and post-operative instructions
ScarringCareful incision placement, patient education on scar healing
Changes in sensationPatience and understanding during the recovery process

Choosing a skilled plastic surgeon like Kenneth R. Francis, MD and following all advice can help lower the risks of a reverse abdominoplasty. This way, you can have a better chance of getting the look you want.


The reverse abdominoplasty is a great way to fix excess skin and looseness in the upper belly. It also lets you boost your breasts without implants. If you’re in New York City and thinking about this, talk to a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Kenneth R. Francis. He can help decide if it’s right for you and your goals.

This surgery can make your body look more balanced and in harmony. It’s great for people who have lost a lot of weight or want to fix their midsection and upper body shape.

If you live in Manhattan, NYC, and want to learn more about a reverse abdominoplasty, set up a meeting with Dr. Francis. He’s an expert who can guide you and find the best way to meet your goals.

The information provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content of this website should not be used for the purpose of medical diagnosis or treatment. Readers are advised to consult with Kenneth R. Francis, MD

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